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Author Topic: Where to go from here?  (Read 821 times)

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Where to go from here?
« on: July 12, 2011, 08:05:10 AM »
Hi all, I just found this board so I am new here, but not necessarily new to knee problems.

Here is my history - I had ovoid meniscus surgery on my left knee when I was 7 in 1970.  I have had pain and weakness in both knees, but primarily my left knee as long as I can remember.  Mostly, I have thought that I have bad knees, but that there really wasn't anything wrong or anything that could be done.  When I mentioned to a doctor when I was in for a physical that I had this history and frequent pain, I always felt like no one took me seriously.

Current situation is that the pain in the left knee was progressively worsening and becoming more and more frequent until at times it was constant.  I went in, got x-rays and was diagnosed with PF syndrome on the left knee and referred for physical therapy.  He even said that the right knee looked worse than the left in the x-rays.  After several visits the therapist sent me back to the OS to figure out was going on because she wasn't happy with the progress of PT and suspected there was more going on.  I was referred for an MRI.  What I went in to get the results, the doc sent me back for repeat x-rays because the MRI results didn't match what we got the first time.  (Don't know if they were mismarked or misread...)  The MRI results are:

ACL: No intact ACL visible.
PCL:  There appear to be multiple few millimeter ganglion cyst along the PCL.
MCL:  Intact.
LCL:  Lateral collateral ligament appears deficient, presumably to old injury.
Extensor Mechanism:  Normal.

Joint Space and Menisci:
Medial Compartment:  Considerable degeneration.  There are internal tears of the far posterior and peripheral medial meniscus, with some tiny internal meniscal cysts.  Not definite surfacing tear is seen.  There is loss of most of the articular cartilage.
Lateral Compartment:  The lateral meniscus appears essentially absent.  There is loss of much of the articular cartilage.
Patellofemoral Joint:  Mild degenerative changes.
Osseous Structures:  No fractures or bone contusion identified.

Other:  There is a small joint effusion.

The conclusion reads:  Considerable degenerative change.  Lateral meniscus essentially absent.  ACL deficient knee.  Also lateral collateral ligament deficient.

My doctor's opinion is to address the arthritis pain and basically ignore the rest.  When pressed he said that the arthritis moderate to severe and I am looking at total knee replacement in 2-5 years.  He wants to do cortisol and synvisc injections to hopefully help with pain in the meantime.  To say I wasn't prepared for that information is an understatement - maybe in another 10-15 years I would be, but not now.  I may be 48 in real life years, but in my head I am still in my 20s!!

Thoughts and experiences will be appreciated!
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