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Author Topic: Does anyone know meaning of both medial meniscus is small-sized?  (Read 3432 times)

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My MRI starts of with
 both medial meniscus is small-sized: Complete ACL tear. Medial meniscal tear. Tibial contusion. Early tricompartmental chondropathy
especially of the medial compartment:

can anyone tell the meaning of both medial meniscus is small-sized? and Early tricompartmental chondropathy?
Thanks Rob

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Re: Does anyone know meaning of both medial meniscus is small-sized?
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2011, 07:51:48 AM »
Don't know about the meniscus, but I think the other bit means that you have some sort of early stage softening to the articular cartilage in the medial (inside), lateral (outside) and patella areas of your knee.  There are different grades of damage (1-4) - have a look at the arthritis section in the information hub where this is explained

You need to discuss the report properly with your doctor - the ACL and meniscus may need surgical attention (although I think you may have asked about this elsewhere?)
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