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Author Topic: Does anyone know a physio in London ?  (Read 2090 times)

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Does anyone know a physio in London ?
« on: October 05, 2002, 03:06:09 PM »
Hi all,

I am unable to continue my Physiotherapy with the NHS at the moment as I'm on the waiting list for a TTT and they said (quite rightly I must say) that they can't carry on giving pysio for ever when im in the queue for another op.  So....  I still want to get physio (I have had three arthroscopes in my time) to make sure I am doing the right excercises just to keep going till my op comes up, which could be a way away.  I know there are tonnes of physio's in London but I'm sure people on this forum don't need telling that we need specialist physios who know their knees stuff.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a Private physio ?




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Re: Does anyone know a physio in London ?
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2002, 07:13:03 PM »
The physios at the wellington knee clinic are very good as are the ones at the Devonshire who specialise in rehabilitation and physio as a whole.
H xxx