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Author Topic: ANOTHER knee surgery and I'm petrified of DVT or PE, what to look for?  (Read 11880 times)

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I am having OATS done in 2 weeks after an ACL in 2009 and a failed MFX in 2010. The restrictions are a lot greater with the OATS and I am terrified of a DVT or PE!! What are the symptoms and will I know something isn't right? Does taking baby asprin decrease the risk?? If I suspect one how much time do I have and what do I do?? I had a few scares last time and had u/s done which were negative but if time is of the essence I live 30-45 minutes from the nearest hospital  :-\

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Re: ANOTHER knee surgery and I'm petrified of DVT or PE, what to look for?
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2011, 06:55:03 PM »
I had a microfracture surgery done and was NWB for 6 week.  I got a DVT about two days after my surgery but I believe it was my own fault.  I didn't do the exercises I was told to do because they hurt.  If I had to do it over again I would grit my teeth and bear the pain and do the exercises.  The only symptom I had was that my foot blew up like a baloon.  I had no pain just a really big foot.  My doctor thought it was just because I wasn't keeping my leg elevated enough but he sent me for the dopler test (An ultra sound test that checks for DVT) just to be on the safe side and it turned out that I had a DVT.  The treatment for the DVT was a real pain in the neck but if you were to get a DVT it's very survivable.  I had to give myself two shots of LOVENOX every day for ten days and then I had to be on cumiden for three months which includes weekly blood tests which gets old really fast but I got through it with no long term effects.  Ask your doctor about the Asperin because it may cause your surgery to bleed more.  Also ask him/her about compression stockings which help treat and prevent blood clots.

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After my surgery, I was given Lovenox injections for 10 days and Coumadin pills.  Yes, the INR checks get real old but I also have an INR checker which only needs a finger-tip prick of blood.  Check with the the surgeon, the primary care physician may not be the best person to knowledge on the subject I have found.

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Hi Jaime,

Usually the lovenox or other blood thinner they give you to take at home will prevent these things.  If you are worried about how a clot might feel, I have had superficial clots, and one key thing I noticed is that when you put your foot down to the ground you will feel like someone just hit you in the leg with a baseball bat.  The increase in pressure as you stand causes the pain.  This might help you distinguish it from the normal pain of healing from surgery or from the bruising that shows up afterward when you use a blood thinner.  Keeping yourself moving is one of the best ways to avoid a clot and wear the compression hose even if you hate them.  Keeping the blood moving is key.

Good luck on your surgery. :)

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