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Author Topic: Intermittent anterior pain in right knee  (Read 608 times)

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Intermittent anterior pain in right knee
« on: June 07, 2011, 02:01:52 PM »
Hi all

I'm back to the forum after a 3 year gap and as great as you all are I'm sad to be back  ;)

When I first joined the forum in 2007 it was after left ACL rupture in a skiing accident.  I didn't have a reconstruction and the knee has been fine, good stability, no pain and full range of movement.  But, now my right knee is a problem.  I sometimes get a sharp stabbing pain in the right knee at the front just about on the join.  It's most noticeable if i put my foot down hard and then it will twinge when I walk. Its been going on for about a week - I stumbled on some rough ground last Weds and it's probably since then.

Anybody got any ideas what it might be?   I'm doing a 12 mile walk next week and would like to be fit for that.


Skiing accident Jan 07
Ruptured ACL & extensive tear of the medial meniscus
Taking a conservative approach before making a decision re' reconstruction