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Author Topic: Options? - chronic meniscus tears  (Read 705 times)

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Options? - chronic meniscus tears
« on: July 28, 2011, 09:15:40 PM »
Long story... cut very short -
*back in 1986 when I was 20 yrs old, I injured my Left knee (torn medial meniscus and torn acl - 4 surgeries in about 18 months post injury), fast fwd - 6 months ago that knee was replaced - and when replaced it was almost unusable, my right knee took a lot of abuse in compensation while I got "old" enough for a TKR (I am 44).
**in 2008 I had my first major tear to right medial meniscus, it was scoped (Doc's comments, I had very very brittle meniscus for someone as young as I was (41) and I did "okay" for about 18 months then another Tear and another scope in 2010 - I never really was able to rehab and get pain free from this surgery and Doc noted significant arthritis but I was not "doing much" as my left knee was in horrible shape, my activity was limited to riding stationary bike.
***Jan 2011 - Had Left Total knee replacement, that has gone VERY well! however, right knee is suffering greatly I now have several MORE tears. 
****in June 2011 I had a steroid injection it was helpful for about 2 weeks then back to horrible hot pain.
*****July 2011 I had a series of 3 Euflexxa injections.  the last one was about 24 hours ago, I have really seen NO improvement - my knee is as hot and angry as ever.

My OS is talking about that fact that if they go back in and scope and trim meniscus I will just continue to tear it up what is left because of the arthritic changes to my knee is shredding my meniscus. Doc also said I have lost about 2/3 of the Joint space I should have.

so I think I'm in denial? Are my options at this point a TKR?
(I do not have a good compartment, medial/lateral and Patellar compartments all have changes)

Is there anything else I should be exploring?
thanks so much