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Author Topic: Adding a second graft???  (Read 747 times)

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Adding a second graft???
« on: June 02, 2011, 08:29:06 AM »
Hi guys!!! i'm really interested in hearing what peoples thoughts are on adding a second graft to the successfully rehabed hamstring autograft i have. Would it be possible?
The reason why i'd want this is because at the moment although i said i have successfully recovered from my second acl reconstruction... with this graft i am suffering with extension laxity caused by internal rotation of the tibia.
The best way to imagine this is.. think of a door hanging by 1 hinge. It will hang wonky.
Now imagine kicking a football with this wonky leg. Ultimately because my tibia wants to hang with the graft, when i kick a football the tibia rotates to the grafts holding points and lurches out to a rather uncomfortable feeling. 
It also causes postlateral minescus pain and scuffing of the cartilage.
Its to my understanding too because of sooo much research ive done... i have a very good AM bundle of the reconstructed acl.
Adding the second graft would be the PL bundle which stops internal rotation by tightening at extention.
Why not make it as close to perfect buy adding a second graft?
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