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Author Topic: Post-OP, PCL, PLC, LCL, torn cartilage and avulsion fibula head  (Read 1469 times)

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Hello fellow kneegurus
I am a 22 year old IT service manager who is fit and health, also attended the gym 5 times a week so a gym freak. This is a little story about my knee condition. It all began on the 2nd November 2010 at 7:30pm.

I hyper extended my left knee participating in a team building event (sumo wrestling), while falling on the ground I could hear pops and I knew it then something serious has happened to my knee.

Immediately was rushed in to hospital, docs said there might be a slight chance of ligament rapture. Long behold 5weeks later, I had an MRI and it showed that I had grade 3 tear to my PCL, PLC and LCL. To make matters even worse I had a chronic avulsion (bony fracture) on my fibula head.

Fast-forward to February 2011, I was referred to a knee surgeon in London bridge hospital Mr James Bliss. He agreed that my knee was not in the best condition but asked me to try the non operative approach for 3months with intensive physiotherapy. Came May 2011 there is almost no improvement with my knee, as I still had instability and grade 3 sag in my knee(PCL).

Finally Mr Bliss said I need a knee operation which is double tunnel PCL reconstruction, allografting (donor ligament) for both PCL and PLC also grafting with my hamstring for the LCL. Operation date was booked on the 18th May 2011.Rehab wise I will need to wear an immobilizer knee brace for two weeks and for 5weeks I need to wear I brace which will allow my knee to have motion from 0-130 degrees. For a total of 7weeks I will need to use crutches and apply minimal pressure to my knee.

Decided to visit the US before the Opp and went to several states including Washington DC, where I did plenty of walking and site seeing, on my trip back I had a great deal on pain in my knee. Went back to see Mr Bliss on the 10th May 2011 and said the pain is caused by the walking I have done which has caused a cartilage to tear in my knee, this ordeal was getting worse.

Came the day of operation, private care is by far a great choice ... 4hour operation and all successful. Its know the second week since the operation, I have the 26 staples removed from the wound today and hopefully will start intensive therapy next week.

Along my ordeal, I have gone through considerable amount of pain however all you need is patients and a good knee surgeon.

If you have any question please feel free to ask.