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Author Topic: Slight Knee Fracture & Slight Meiscus Tear in 81 yr old  (Read 544 times)

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I am new to this site and am writing in for any thoughts or suggestions about my mom.

She is 81 and in excellent health and shape except for 2+ months ago when she got a Bakers Cyst in back of her right knee.  Her knee hurt and was swollen; all out of blue this started.  This lasted for about 3 weeks and then when she was walking down the steps, she heard a POP and the PAIN started but the cyst seemed to flatten and go away but she had the most unbearable knee pain.  The pain is and was so bad that she is going out of her mind with pain and basically for the fact that her life has stopped since she can't walk because of the leg.   She went to a orthopedist and he had her take an MRI of the leg.  It showed that she has a small tear in her Meniscus and a slight fracture in her knee (I don't know the spot in the knee where this slight fracture is).  The dr said that he feels that my mom should wait another 3 weeks and do nothing to see if the slight knee fracture heals on its own.  He hopes if the slight fracture heals then her pain will go away and the slight meniscus tear would heal on its own and that the tear is not the cause of her PAIN!

1) Anyone have any idea how long a slight knee fracture takes to heal?  Overall this has been going on about 3 months already.  Would another 3 weeks help the knee to heal? How long does a slight knee fracture take to heal?

2) Can anything be done to make a bone  heal and be solid again... any fillers for the crack to heal this fracture? Should my mom be staying off of her feet?  Should her  knee be straight?  Should she be using her leg at all?  The dr never said anything about what to do or not do during this 3 week time frame.

3) Anyone know of a good dr in Manhattan NYC for this?

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