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Author Topic: What now??????  (Read 1724 times)

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What now??????
« on: April 04, 2011, 09:27:38 PM »
Some of you may know me, i've been on the board for a few years now. I'm one of the "twisted" folks. I had my right and left femurs derotated, and the hardware already removed. Even after hardware removal, my left hip was still really painful. So my OS opened my incision back up and resituated the muscles and shaved some bone and pulled a bone chip out of my IT band. That was October 28th, and I thought for sure that would get rid of the pain.

It felt a little better after that, and so I had the opportunity to go on a 5 week adventure to Australia and New Zealand. I decided that since I just graduated college and didn't have a job yet, I would go. So, I went, and it was an amazing trip! I saw and did some truly awesome things. I was in pain, but I think the excitement of the trip dulled it, and the 800mg motrin I was taking. I took some percocet after I did some stupid things. One of the most amazing, but possibly stupidest things I did was climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. It was an awesome view! BUT, it was 1400 stairs in 2 hours..... I had to take a percocet to even think about doing it.

All in all, i'm really glad I went, but now i'm afraid i'm paying for it and did more damage than good. I talked to my OS before I left, and we decided the trip would be a test of my legs.... well, the right passed with flying colors! No pain! The left is a different story.... so now i'm home, and I called my OS and said what has been going on. I'm supposed to give it another 3 weeks to see if it gets any better, but it's been a week and there has been no change. My knee underneath my kneecap is killer painful, and my hip still pops sometimes and really hurts.

My OS said the next step is to do a bilateral MRI of both my hips, and see what's different with the left hip than the right. Also, he wants to redo the CT rotational study to see what the angles of my bones are after being derotated. I'm just frustrated, and a little nervous. I mean,I guess I thought this would all be over.... and i'm just now starting to realize maybe there isn't anything else they can do, and I will be this way for the rest of my life. That wouldn't be the worst thing ever, I mean the pain is managable with doing little in the way of physical activity and taking Motrin. It's just that i'm 21, and don't even have a job yet because i'm not sure what i'm doing about my legs. The college loan bills are going to start coming soon so i've got to figure it out.

Anybody have any advice for me?
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Re: What now??????
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2011, 02:43:21 PM »
WOW Lynsey,

I am soooooo proud of you.  Imagine climbing that sucker of a bridge, my eldest daughter climbed it back in 2005 whilst on camp in Sydney.  Sorry to hear that it might have caused some damage though, that does suck.  I wish that I had known you were down here in Australia and that you were able to go to New Zealand.  Did you get to Queensland/Brisbane, that is where we live.  I could have introduced you to kat and shown you some wonderful sights around.  The main thing is that you did it, you got up and went out into the bigger world to travel and saw something other than hospital and treatment.  I know that your college fees have to be paid, and they will, just have faith. Continue to believe in yourself you are a wonderful couragous woman, that no one can put down or stop from achieving.  You prove that every day when you are able to get up and go forward.  You will get a job, wait and see.  I believe in you and know you will be the person you want to be.

 Hopefully your left leg has eased up alittle and everything has worked out, as you haven't followed up on what happened since this post back in early April.  If you ever get the opportunity to travel down under again, please look us up, we would love to show you around and educate you on the beauty and wonderment of Australia. 

Take care, and don't stop telling your story on this site. You have been such a positive influence on so many other twisted sisters out there.  They need you still.

Catch you later

Kats mum   vicki

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Re: What now??????
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2011, 04:02:01 PM »
Great Lynsey
I got confidence from your story and i am sure my sun can also make it out...
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