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Author Topic: Neuroma Injection Input  (Read 977 times)

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Neuroma Injection Input
« on: May 11, 2011, 02:54:51 AM »
So, to briefly recap my history of knee problems, my patella subluxed on two separate occasions and although PT seemed to help, my knee pain came back unexpectedly in November '09. Several rounds of therapy and cortisone injections were done to avoid surgery, but I had surgery in October '10 in order to alleviate the pain which the OS thought was coming from an enlarged plica. The plica was removed and there was no pain for 3 weeks. The pain came back unexpectedly and my knee has been in pain ever since.

I was in PT for several different sessions doing exercises, modalities, etc. to no avail and after more imaging showing no structural problems, was sent to another OS who suggested a repeat arthroscopy. The original OS suggested pain management first which involved getting a right knee neuroma injection (nerve block). I received it today and have the next two weeks to see if it will work or if the pain remains.

First, has anyone had this done? If so, what were the results? Total pain relief? Minor pain relief?

Second, if this does not work, my only other option is another arthroscopy which would take place sometime over the summer. If there are no additional structural issues, is it worth another surgery? Has anyone done a repeat arthroscopy and experienced long-term relief that they didn't feel from the first procedure.

Thanks in advance for reading and for any advice you can offer.  :)

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Re: Neuroma Injection Input
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2011, 04:24:06 PM »
I have for a neuroma. Remember though, a neuroma is a growth of scar tissue from a nerve that's been damaged from surgery, i.e., cut. My surgeron nicked a nerve during one of my surgeries and a neuroma grew from the nicked portion, you could almost see the lump. The cortisone shot to the neuroma did help, but didn't completely solve the pain problem, it just took time for the nerve to settle down; which it has. Now, ummmm....about 10 years later, it's fine but for when I press it on hard - I get a weird sensation.

Hope this helps. Nerves take a looooong time to settle down, if in fact this is your problem.
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