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Author Topic: Intra articular osteotomy  (Read 602 times)

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Intra articular osteotomy
« on: May 09, 2011, 08:22:51 AM »

Just wondered if there was anyone reading this that has had or heard of an intra articular osteotomy?

Long story short, I fractured tibial plateau 3 years ago and have been having problems ever since. the lateral portion of my joint surface is dropping away at an angle of 15 degrees along the line of the fracture and my joint is gradually wearing away.

Have been to see Professor James Richardson at Oswestry (UK) who has proposed the above operation which is apparently very rare. I can't find much information on it but from research and what he has told me, it sounds close to a tibial osteotomy (he will make a cut into the tibia and lift and rotate the portion of the joint that has been depressed, pinning it into place.

Following on from our discussions, I really feel I have no choice whether to have the procedure or not as he is fairly confident it will alleviate my problems and has said that if I don't go ahead, things will definitely deteriorate and I will soon be in a position where there is nothing I can do but sit and wait for a knee replacement (I'm only 29). I'm quite keen to have the surgery as I've been in so much pain that my quality of life is severely deteriorating, but, as with all surgeons, he's not been very forthcoming about the recovery period and what I can expect.

So I'm hoping one of you experts out there might have heard a little more than me about the procedure....

Any comments/ advice woudl be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,