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Author Topic: MRI shows 7mm x 14mm full thickness delaminating cartilage defect....  (Read 1279 times)

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.....of the medial patellar facet and apex.  It also says there are findings of instability.....does anyone know what instability means?  The xray prior to mri showed at least 2 loose bodies, but I am not sure if this MRI report confirms this. 

Jumped in heels 1 month ago and had shooting pain the next day that continued intensely for 3 days.  After then the pain lodged itself in the back of my knee where it has remained.  I should also mention 11 years ago I had a fracture to my patella that was a dime size (all fragments removed).  Because of the bleeding involved, didn't need microfracture but followed a microfracture type protocol post arthroscopic surgery (NWB, CPM machine for 12 hours/day, 6 weeks, knee brace)

Stairs have never been the same, was never a runner but have hiked all over the world since. Knee had been great until last year - a flare up of sorts after hiking in Patagonia.  Had xray/mri which showed cartilage defect (most likely due to the issue 11 years ago).  Decided on conservative treatment - PT to strengthen quad and limited exercise other than biking. Within a few months was back on the trails....summer, fall and even winter hiking. 

Was great up until the jumping in heels episode 1 month ago and now have the new mri report.....progression of patellar full thickness delaminating cartilage defect showing mri findings of instability without frank dislodgement of the fragment.  Any thoughts on this?

I was seen by the DO in the practice who has referred me to the OS - I can't be seen until June 1st.  Am I at risk for further damage by walking?  My job is pretty active and while it is taking a  lot of effort due to my pain/discomfort, I am still working.

Thanks for any info/advice