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Author Topic: 6 mos post LR and superior plicectomy  (Read 1377 times)

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6 mos post LR and superior plicectomy
« on: May 07, 2011, 08:07:48 PM »
in one word - frustrated!  I am 6 mos post arthroscopy/LR/superior plicectomy/chodroplasty trochlea for dx of Superior plica extending across entire superior pouch, lateral patellar deviation and chondromalacia of trochea on 10-26-10, date of injury/fall on R knee 7-9-09.  Did 12 weeks PT before surgery and 3 steroid injections no help, and 12 weeks PT post surgery - surgoen apologized to me after surgery for "letting me go so long without surgery considering the work that was needed to correct the situation".  I have full extension and bend achieved (with minor pain) but unable to squat or walk/stand for long periods (unless wearing brace), and pain to outer aspects of knee, especially extreme pain below knee and at outer lateral aspect to the quad.   I admit that I no longer have same pain prior to surgery, but now dealing with this "new" pain and still lack of strength has gotten to me.  Surgoen says he "had to do alot of work" but his operating note doesn't state that, and he said would take "up to 2 years before feeling normal."  Now I have to go to new MD as original surgeon moving out of state.  My questions are, is recovery this long?  Is pain indicative of old/continous/or new problem, or is it just part of getting used to the new motion/mechanics of what was corrected? And, how do I get the new surgeon to understand all what the original surgeon did to where I'm at and what I'm feeling today?  My goals are to be able to sqaut/kneel down, ride horses again, and in the next few months, feel comfortable enought to dance at nephew's wedding....Many thanks to you!