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Author Topic: HELP! My knee surgeon has retired half way through treatment!  (Read 636 times)

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Hi Guys

Original injury was smashed my knee 7 years ago tibial plateau fracture. Metal work etc

My situation is that I have had 3 failed ACL revisions due to my a number of reasons, infection, and my (original) surgeon) being completely incompetant by failing to diagnose PLC instabilty, misplacing a screw, and generally making a pig's ear of my knee...

Fast forward to now, ith incredible difficulty, finally managed to get a referral to a surgeon who is a PLC multiligament specialist (Dr Bollen) and has so far diagnosed my problem and also prepared my knee for surgery by doing a bone graft from my hip 4 months ago. I am now supposed to be looking at getting the reconstructions. I went for my CT scan today and have been told that he has retired from the NHS and has gone private!

In trying to establish what will happen to me, I am being increasingly confronted with brick walls. His seretary just said, oh you will be referred to the next consultant, I have looked him up and there is no information on him, he is (and please i intend absolutley no lack of respect when i say this, it is in contect to my diagnosis) just an orthopeodic consultant.
My physio knows nothing, the admin department really dont seem to care.

I am absolutley petrified of what my furture holds now and i have to wait another month to get referred to this new guy. I had put all my faith in the doctor, is it really OK for him to just completley abandon me when i am in between staged surgery with him?! Do I have any rights?!

Can anybody offer me any advice with where I can go from here? If i was waiting for a standard ACL i would not be freaking out, but my experience so far has been so bad and the knee problems i have as a result are so complicated i need this guy!

Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated as I am at a complete loss and still in shock, many thanks in advance!
06/04 Fell - Fractured tiibial plateau, femur, patella, torn acl
ORIF and bone graft of tibial plateau
09/08 failed acl recon due to wound infection
06/10 failed revision acl with pcl/lcl/plc damage
now facing multiligament surgery