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Author Topic: Please read!!!! - Need advice re cycling and meniscus repair  (Read 745 times)

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I'll keep this short as possible - i'm looking for anyone who may have experience, or may able to offer a suggestion as to why l am having issues with my left knee.

I had a medial meniscus repair (posterior horn) completed last June, prior to which l was a competitive cyclist, averaging around 200 miles a week on the bike.

I have been having a lot of trouble with the knee, in particular while walking l get a sensation of the knee joint feeling very sore at the site of the repair. I also get a 'sharp aching' sensation travelling through to the medial side of my knee just to the side of the knee cap on the joint line.  High dose NSAIDS do seem to take the edge off, allowing me to get back on the bike fairly recently, however walking more than a kilometre leaves me wanting to sit down and take the load off.

I had an MRI completed around a fortnight ago which came back 'clear'. The repair site was noted, however there was no new tear.  My surgeon has suggested l 'get on with it', however l am still highly limited in my abilities. I am trying to seek another opinion, but was wondering if anyone out there could help or offer any other advice?