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Author Topic: Possible ligament tear?  (Read 727 times)

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Possible ligament tear?
« on: May 02, 2011, 12:14:19 PM »
Hi guys,
I did a 30 mile sponsored walk on Saturday and was about a mile from home when I felt a tear in the back of my knee, I had been stretching my muscle regularly throughout the walk, thought I was getting cramp, then felt the pain. I now have a lump/swelling on the back of my knee, have to actually lift my leg onto bed and cant raise it very high when lying down. Ice doesn't seem to help much but elevation does. I can weight bear on it a little, but walking is still painful 2 days on.  I went to my local a &e where the doctor said I had torn muscle fibres, but I'm not sure I had a proper exam, as I was sat on a chair as opposed to laying on a bed. I'm just concerened that I may have torn the cruciate at the back?? I've also had a lot of comment that my foot is very swollen, so don't know how related that could be??

I already suffer chondromalacia patella and have had the lateral release op about 10 years ago and am back under the care of a physio.

Relly hoping for some help/reassurance that it is only a muscle tear as opposed to ligament.

Thanks in advance,

Wendychal  :)


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Re: Possible ligament tear?
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2011, 09:03:21 AM »
Its showing the same symptoms that of mine when I met with an minor accident with my bike. At that time I injured my knee ligaments, paining really very hard, when taken to doctor he suggest me to put plaster. So guess you should also refer to a good physiologist and don't take it lightly as it may suffer in future if not taken treatments.