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Author Topic: reoccurent knee problems  (Read 589 times)

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reoccurent knee problems
« on: April 12, 2011, 10:55:30 AM »
I have had several knee problems starting with an ACL tear in high school, had surgery using a tendon from my right knee) and no more issues until I was 29. I then tore my ACL again, shortly after the second ACL repair (this time a cadavor was used) I was having pain in the outer part of my knee and the pins were not in all the way and were rubbing against the outer knee, I had another surgery to hammer the pins back in.  About 2 months later I went into anaphalaxis, undetermined what caused but thought it was the cadavor or pins that were used in the knee.  I then had another surgery to remove the pins.  Throughout the next year I continued to have problems with my knee.  The doctor finally did another MRI which revealed cystic holes in the bones and also discovered that the cadavor never took and had been there basically rotting for one year, I had to have bone from my hip taken out and placed in the cystic holes once they were cleaned out and then the cadavor removed. Then I had to have another tendon from right leg removed to repair the ACL in the left, again. Thinking I was on the mend I neded up tearing my right ACL so back to surgery...... so now with 6 surgeries under my belt I was hoping to be done but now am getting very sharp and persistant pain in the outer and front of my left knee, it comes and goes but when it comes it is very sharp and I cannot bear weight on it.  It is a new pain, that radiates down the side of my leg and doesn't matter if I am sitting or standing.  When my leg is dangling it feels like it is going to pull apart.  I can be fine one minute and take a step and then cannot walk for hours.  I am frustrated as I have seen 5 different knee doctors and have no diagnosis. ANYONE?????????? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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Re: reoccurent knee problems
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2011, 04:06:10 PM »
Wish I could help but I have no experience with acl. So thought I would post and bump this back of to the top for you so maybe someone will see it.
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