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Author Topic: My own personal Sophie's choice - what would you do?  (Read 2305 times)

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Re: My own personal Sophie's choice - what would you do?
« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2011, 01:32:56 AM »

Great choice, anything that can keep you away from a total knee replacement is great.  While many people live great pain free lives post t.k.a., there seem to be more and more who really have problems, and as time goes on the statistics for a trouble free life after a t.k..a get less.  It seems with more active lifestyles that we have today the knees just do not last as long as the manufacturers thought.  Best too you.  I have also made a final decision and will be going into the hospital for my surgery on April 19.  The best to you.  Good luck,  Mountainknees

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Re: My own personal Sophie's choice - what would you do?
« Reply #16 on: April 05, 2011, 03:19:12 AM »

Thanks for your support and well wishes. Same go back to you.

As you of all people know, there is no winning situation here. There is only making your best decision based on the information you have at hand.

I finally decided by breaking down the surgeries into their parts. The tibial graft reduction was in both surgeries and so they effectively canceled themselves out of the equation. A tibial osteotomy is brutal but when you come down to it, it's just a fancy broken bone. (and trust me I'm not trying to trivialize anyone's experiences with this) When you've had your leg broken surgically a few times in the past, although it's not something you look forward to, it's something you know you can get through.

That left the ends of the bones and it came down to: do I want to salvage what I have or replace what I have. When thinking about the salvage surgery (ACI) I started thinking, there's no way in hell I'm going to get a raised toilet seat or a shower seat or...

And that's when I realized that I, like always, want to do things by myself. I don't need help until I need help. There is no way I'd be happy with a replacement if I knew that with some extra work I could do it "myself".

So there you go, that's the decision. Thanks for the discussion in this thread, it helped me to get to where I needed to go.

Good luck with your surgery, please keep us posted. I have no idea of when mine will be scheduled. I wouldn't mind pushing it out until after my son graduates from HS in June. (in fact if I can I'm going to insist on it).