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Author Topic: Normal post op?  (Read 10072 times)

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Normal post op?
« on: March 30, 2011, 10:54:45 PM »
I'm 5d post op from ACL & menisc cartilage rep (r knee). Was released w/lock-out brace, comp sock, and ice bag & hose for an ice machine which they apparently totally forgot.

Had swelling ~2x normal w/exquisite pressure & pain in calf for 2d. Sleep was difficult even w/taking pain med. R foot and calf were cold and numb. I spent hours of my designated sleep time struggling with wiggling my toes.

D2, took the compression sock off. I saw swelling 2x normal size and color darker than normal, towards a red-purplish color. When I pressed my fingers in and let go, it was white and felt cold and tight. The color came back after ~1s.

Now, 5d out, foot is still swollen & blue under heel but that's no sprain. Still a little cool. A little tingly; not numb, but can't walk nor balance.

Of that, what is normal & what isn't?