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Author Topic: Knee Manipulation? HELP! MPFL reconstruction...  (Read 3315 times)

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Knee Manipulation? HELP! MPFL reconstruction...
« on: March 29, 2011, 04:07:26 AM »
Hi everybody,
  I have read through multiple threads trying to gather as much information as possible and still find myself searching over and over again with a need for advice. I really hope somebody will reply and give me some personal experiences and advice...
     On Feb. 9, 2011 I had the MPFL reconstruction due to chronic and repeated kneecap dislocations. I am now at week 6 since surgery and have been stuck at 67 degrees ROM since week 2 post op. My OS said at the 4 week mark that I was "right on track, everything was normal, and I just suffered from a lot of scar tissue." I was told by him that in a couple of months he would consider doing a manipulation. I am so sick and tired of going to therapy and not progressing at all..for 4 weeks straight. I am in so much pain, and my OS says I should be off of pain meds by now and I am getting so frustrated. With a two year old, I just want my leg back :/
     My question now, after 4 weeks of non-progression should this manipulation he mentioned be highly considered by this point? I am considering having a serious sit down chat with him after I educate myself as much as possible on the situation. I am afraid he will wait till its too late.
     Also, if you have had it done, was an overnight stay post procedure beneficial for pain control and fast guaranteed movement? I would also like to suggest this to him, but like I stated before, I would like to gather as much info as possible first. Thanks for your time in reading this :)

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Re: Knee Manipulation? HELP! MPFL reconstruction...
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2011, 04:41:54 AM »
Personal experience--when I had mine done a long time ago, it was a closed manipulation only. He didn't go in with a scope and clean out any adhesions or anything. He just put me under anesthesia, relaxed everything, and bent it. It was super quick and I left as soon as I was awake enough and went home with a CPM machine to bend and straighten my leg for me to maintain the new range of motion and I upped my PT to every day for the first little bit and then backed down to three days a week again once I was on my way to recovery. I was at least 8 weeks post-op when it was done, maybe a little bit more. Judging by what I read here, now it seems to be a lot more common to have an arthroscopic procedure as part of the manipulation.

As far as preparing yourself, search the board for the term MUA which is "manipulation under anesthesia" and you may also see the term "lysis of adhesions" which is when they go in and clean up scar tissue along with the manipulation. You may also want to read the information hub articles on arthrofibrosis and read up in the arthrofibrosis part of the forum too. You will find a lot of scar tissue information there which will help. You will also find a lot of information about PT which may help. If your OS isn't ready for the MUA yet, maybe he can work with your PT to get you back on track.

Good luck!
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Re: Knee Manipulation? HELP! MPFL reconstruction...
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2011, 01:25:07 AM »
I had a mpfl amd lpfl reconstruction in sept 2010.  After 8 or 9 weeks of only getting to 85 degrees with a lot pain my pt spoke with my OS about a manipulation.  My OS agreed and I had a closed manipulation.  Under anesthesia she bent my knee to break up scar tissue.  She said this a much easier recovery than a open one.  I went home that day with a cpm machine.  It was painful (not compared to the first few days of surgery) but I had over 100 degrees immediately in pt 2 days later.  Good luck!
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