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Author Topic: What I should ask during the my 8 wk doctor's appt  (Read 799 times)

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What I should ask during the my 8 wk doctor's appt
« on: April 07, 2011, 02:00:39 AM »
Listmates, I am to see my OS for the 2d time since my OR 8 wks ago. I realized after my 1st OS appt 2 wks after OR that there was a lot that I should have asked but didn't know. What in addition to the following should I bring up:  1) get rx for 4-prong cane  2) when can I start PT  3) what exercises should I do 4) Can I remove the brace in bed (God willing)  5) can I walk without the walker with brace on  6) can I take my leg out of full extension while walking.
Please help here. I'm able to flex 75 deg fairly easily and I think 90 deg-- hard to tell if this is correct.
2/7/11displaced pat fx- 3parts
2/9 OR: Patella, 2 K-wires & fig 8; immobilize; PWB walker
3/3 sutures out; 30 deg flex FWB walker
4/4 90 deg flex start PT
5/7. 120deg flex. Good healing of kneecap. Wean off walker/cane