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Author Topic: TKR right knee  (Read 9869 times)

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TKR right knee
« on: March 26, 2011, 05:49:44 PM »
Hello everyone.  It's been some time since I visited the boards, but wanted to see how everyone was doing to let you know that my tkr was successful.  Many of you helped me to make the decision choosing between TKR and partial KR.  I went with my original orthopedist, although I would have been happy with my second choice, except I would have been quite a distance from home. 

The rehab went well and went from the nursing care with in-house pt in a record 13 days back to my home and outpatient pt.  I was back to driving 5 days after returning home.  My PT therapist was super and pleased with my progress.  I did have a very large hematoma to the right of the surgical scar.  I also developed an itchy rash over the hematoma which my primary doctor said it looked like a fungal infection.  With the cream she suggested the itch has subsided but the rash is still hanging on.  I also came down with Epstein-Barr which wreaked havoc on me...extreme fatigue, low red and white blood cell counts.  I'm still under a hematologist's care.  Hopefully, we'll find out exactly what's going on soon. 

The reason it took so long to return to the boards was that I developed what I thought was a hip problem, but turned out to be a back problem.  Long story short I had an MRI after 9 weeks of pt for the back that included core exercises, followed by traction and pool and later gym exercises.  The MRI showed 3 herniated discs but the spine surgeon didn't think it required surgery...I was happy to hear that.  I'm trying to do exercises, but I'm not consistent as I was when going to PT. 

Hope all are doing well.  Lot's of prayers for all of you.