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Author Topic: Hey can anybody tell me what this is? Maybe ACL...  (Read 1219 times)

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Hey can anybody tell me what this is? Maybe ACL...
« on: March 18, 2011, 10:32:21 AM »
Hey, ive had trouble with my knees making 'popping' or 'clicking' feelings in the past but a few days ago I felt 2 in quick succession in my right knee. Immediately i couldnt walk on it and was taken home where i kept ice on it for most of the night. By lunchtime the next day i could walk but it was quite badly swollen, so i kept it cold. The swelling has only subsided marginally, if at all. I cant fully bend or extend my leg. It doesnt hurt unless a lot of pressure is applied to the left hand side of my right knee so im thinking it may be a tendon or ligament. I'm walking with quite a bad limp but theres no strong pain when i walk. Im using a brace too.

If anyone can suggest anything to help of suggest what it could be, it would be really useful! Thanks.

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Re: Hey can anybody tell me what this is? Maybe ACL...
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2011, 07:36:04 PM »
Doesn't sound like an ACL problem from your description. An ACL tear normally requires quite a significant twisting force to be placed on the knee, so it's unlikely that this would have happened without a traumatic injury or accident of some kind. Also one of the main characteristics of an ACL tear is instability, which you don't mention.

Unfortunately your symptoms - discomfort, popping, swelling - are quite general. There are a whole range of things it could be ranging from muscular damage to a meniscus tear, or a subluxation (where the kneecap slides out and in again - this can cause lots of pain and swelling even if it happens very quickly, as it can damage other parts of the joint.) I'd encourage you to get to a doctor for a full checkup if the symptoms persist.
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Re: Hey can anybody tell me what this is? Maybe ACL...
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2011, 06:15:26 AM »
As snowy said it can be a range of things.

In my experience I was doing normal everyday things walking, sports whatever and i would be fine then all of a sudden i would feel it click/pop and i suddenly couldn't walk of bend my knee because of the pain. It swelled and I walked with a limp for about 2-3 weeks after.

Finially i was refferend to an Orthopaedic Surgen and said I was experiencing partial dislocations where my knee would dislocate and go back in by itself, due to my knee cap being out of line (Mal-tracking)

The discloations would get easier and easier each time it happend and eventually i was told i had to undergo surgery.

I had a TTT and MPFL which is where they realign the knee cap and put a graph to hold it in place to stop it from poping out.

I really hope that this isn't the case for you as it is quite a long and bad surgery. It took me about 3 months after the op to walk without crutches and my brace.

I strongly recomend that you see a Orthopaedic surgen and get some scans to see what is going on.

All the best to you. hope u feel better.
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