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Author Topic: Just cancelled tibial tuberosity/lateral release surgery. Need more answers!  (Read 1227 times)

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I was scheduled to go in for this surgery today, but backed out last night.  I have been going through two years, on and off, of major instability in my left knee, have been having a hard time descending stairs and doing many movements onstage (I'm a performer).  I have done a few rounds of various physical therapy but nothing seemed to help.  So after the PT, x-rays, an MRI, I decided I needed some sort of surgery.  I was suprised, however, when the doctor told me of the extensive rehab.  I have a 14-month old daughter and live on a 3rd floor walk-up.  But I was desperate.  In the last month however, my symptoms have subsided.  My kneecap still clicks out a little, but not nearly as much as it had been.  I've been sitting on the floor cross-legged with my daughter a lot and I think maybe stretching those muscles helped?  Maybe I'm nuts and this is just a temporary lull?  Did I just scare my knee into submission for a while, or is there some other way of helping it besides surgery?  I am 43, have mild arthritis in both knees, so frankly the right one doesn't feel that great either.  The patellar instability seems to have been caused by the shape of my knee/leg (I'm sort of knock-kneed).  If I need this surgery, I will reschedule, but in the meantime I need more information about it, the success rate, the alternatives, etc. etc. etc.  I am currently on a health plan through Medicaid, so I'm not getting super-duper service.  The surgeon I went to seems okay, but not very communicative, so I know I will have to be very proactive doing research and trying to get a second opinion.  But where do I start?Huh? Huh

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I had this surgery last July and I am having the screws out next week. This was my 2nd surgery on the left leg. My knee gave out during most of my life, but I just went on and dealt with it. I was lucky that it didn't hurt. However as I got older, I couldn't walk far, stairs were a joke - I look like an old lady. I couldn't get up from chairs without support. It was time to deal with it.

My first surgery was patellafemoral joint replacement. Unfortunately the knee still gave out (just not as often) so I went back and had the LR/TTT. The recovery from the 1st surgery wasn't bad. The recovery from the 2nd was awful. I had nerve pain - lived on pain drugs. Now, 8 months out, I can say it was a total success. Knee is stable, I'm getting used to stairs - I walk better than I have in years. What I would recommend is to make sure that your doc is experienced with this surgery. From my experience on this site, there are many who have horror stories. I'm lucky enough to have the top doc in this type of surgery (Teitge in Michigan). I would also ask about a CT rotational scan. From what I understand it is a definitive test that gives the doc lots of info. If you are not comfortable with the doc, keep looking. google them on the internet, see what people say about them. Ask lots of questions. I understand your concern about your 14month old. I have two grandchildren and it was very hard in the fall to carry the 8 month old around.  Good luck - I do recommend the surgery - just be aware of the recovery. Some people have no trouble, some people do - they are cutting bone - it will be painful but 8 months later - worth it.