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Author Topic: I really could do with some help or advice  (Read 672 times)

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I really could do with some help or advice
« on: March 17, 2011, 02:10:30 PM »
Hi, I am now 9 weeks post microx/chondroplasy and I cannot say it has been fun :'( :'(  Anyway, I have been doing my exercises  from the PT and have been attending the gym 3 days per week  and I have been doing static bike, treadmill and swimming totally 60mins per session.  I am still struggling with pain issues and on medication with no OS F/UP.  Anyway I have noticed in the last week, i have under-pronating of the knee (im knock kneed' and have flat feet!) and this has started rotating inwards and appears more mobile through the joint which cumulated in me pitching forward on the the MFC microfracture when I turned causing extreme pain , with some swelling and stiffness :( most of today this has been frequently happening which is now beginning to worry me.  I also wonder if the activities at the gym may have aggravated the MCL injury I originally had and caused some of this laxicity and then the knee movement that has now triggered this pain.  The trochlear I had mfxd has also over the last 9weeks has been giving me constant discomfort and pain (burning above the patella) with hand touch sensation of being cold to touch and cooler than the other knee and red????

I have tried to contact the PT with no avail as not in til next week, so cant ask her for advice, just wondering if the cause of the knee pronocation is causing everything to be out of kilter and aggravating the patella (which is trying to get over its surgery) and obviously pitching on to the mfc microfracture.  I think that I may be email the OS again :(, if things dont settle over the weekend, as im now not sure what exercises etc I should be doing, should I get some orthotics for my shoes??? Should i be worrying??  I know I am not far along in the scheme of things but this is a bit of a worry.

Many thanks  in anticipation for any advice either with a similar issue or exercise to help.
06/10 L knee trauma(horseriding accident) MCL
12.01.2011 scope ACL intact, chronoplasty and 2 x microfractures FMC and trochlear ,MRI over reported(knee not as bad as made out), time and patience will tell:)