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Author Topic: Should I be worried? Any ideas are greatly appreciated  (Read 556 times)

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Should I be worried? Any ideas are greatly appreciated
« on: March 16, 2011, 06:02:03 PM »
I  have been surfing the web and found that this community seems to have the best insight on knee issues.
Here is my situation, if you would be so kind to lend your opinion.  =)
I fell skiing 4 days ago (I'm obviously an awesome skier =)
Anyhow.  My knee hurt immediately and I was afraid to stand up again.  Honestly, I'm mad about my rented ski's.  I've rented and skied before and in the past, my boot would have come out of the bindings in this typed of fall.  I really twisted me knee......out to the side like its not suppose to and maybe hyperextended.  It happened so fast I don't know all of the details. My knee was a little sore and I made it to the bottom.  I did the bunny slopes after that with my daughter.  My knee was increasingly getting worse and felt swollen.  The inside of my knee hurt to the touch.  My knee kept getting worse and worse throughout the night to where sleeping stunk.  Laying flat I couldn't lift my leg.  Straightening my leg and bending it was extremely painful and woke me up constantly.  And when I walked I had to have it almost straight, so I was limping along very uncomfortable.  The day after I went to urgent care, got a knee brace, slept with it on.  The next day I took off the brace and my knee felt so much better, I was shocked.
Now, I can straighten my leg and bend my knee....there is a little pain but I can walk half normal.  The inside of my knee is slightly swollen but no longer hurts to the touch.  It feels weird actually, almost like the swollen part is part of my knee. Its very firm.  When I walk the inside of my knee clicks.  When I bend my knee while sitting, the top outside part of my knee silently clicks.  It feels like a little balls is in there and it moves.  You can feel it....yuck.
Recently I get a cold sensation like I spilled cold water on my knee every once in a while......weird. What's that about?
Anyhow.....what do you think?  I've got the crunching ball on the outside, the cold water sensation on the right side of my knee and the swelling and clicking on the inside, however, I feel like the pain is getting better.  I don't feel like my knee is completely stable, but that might be me over compensating because I'm afraid to do any more damage.  I'm wondering if I should still keep it in this annoying brace.  I'm also wondering if I should take this seriously or just move on.  I do have an Ortho appt scheduled ten days from now.
Any ideas?  Have you experienced this?  I would greatly appreciate any that you have.  Thanks so much.  =)
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