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Author Topic: GREAT for building leg muscles around knee....  (Read 648 times)

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GREAT for building leg muscles around knee....
« on: March 16, 2011, 06:26:25 AM »
Dude, I remember this video from like the late 80's. Anyone else? I BOUGHT this on dvd, I cannot believe he published it on dvd, but I'm glad he did. Apparently it's like a total cult classic. And I'm not surprised.

Greg was a pole vault olympian. This is the workout he did. It is very tough to get through. I actually loaned it to a physical therapist of mine in the fall to see if it was a good thing for me to do. She took it home, did it, and said YES! Except to do EVERY OTHER ONE as the reps are in double-time, which is not good.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, and everybody knows their body best. BUT this video overall is excellent not just for the exercises it does have, that strengthen the glutes, core, quads, etc....which are IMPERATIVE to knee support and strength....seriously, the glutes are HUGE.... and the hamstrings are almost always tight, and because we spend so much time SITTING....

but I love that it is NOT resistance-borne. The whole thing is ON THE FLOOR, so you are not even working against your body weight or putting any pressure on your knee, period. You are on your side, etc. For the buns part and anything else that is rough pertaining to my injury, I don't do it, i.e. kneeling when I cannot. But now I can a bit, so I might try it. STILL, even just doing what I can is AMAZING for me. And boy will you forget about your knee pain when the rest of you is freakin aching, LOL.

Just a thought, in case it might help someone. You might want to ask your physical therapist and/or doctor, too, and I am NOT a medical professional. But this workout is KILLER and puts zero pressure on the knees, so I wanted to pass along my two cents and my testimonial. I am just gearing up to start it again after tearing my meniscus months into recovering from repetitive knee strains and/or patellofemoral crap. The burning has subsided and the meniscus is, well, the meniscus. I need to be building around it until they decide if they are going to operate, so I am in physical therapy but I'm going to start doing other stuff and that includes doing what I can of this gem. Can't wait!