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Author Topic: Loose Puck  (Read 1019 times)

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Loose Puck
« on: March 12, 2011, 08:40:47 PM »
Hi Everyone,
I am back on the group, was a member a few years back.  I have a question, hope to get some good feedback.  I had a TKR on right knee Jan. 2010, TKR on left knee May 2010, THR on left hip Nov. 2010.  In Sept had a lyminectomy (sp) on Lumbar 4 and 5.  Still having much difficulty walking, can't seem to walk any distance without help.  If standing in one spot very long, legs burn and want to give out from the knees down.  Back does not hurt.  Left knee feels the size of a bowling ball if any about of exercise is done.  Right side burns from like the siactica down.  I am riding bike 3 - 6 miles a day.  Go to the YMCA for water classes 3x.s a week.  Nuerosurgeon says it is the ortho docs problem that the back looks good.  Ortho doc had  me put a brace back on left knee for 2 months to see if that helps for strength.  I see her again on March l5.  I am getting so run down and depressed, as I feel worse then when I had the left knee and hip done.  I had absolutely no problems whatsoever with the right knee after surgery, Can anyone give me some feedback, I really need it!  Thanks so much.  Also aquatics instructor mentioned maybe one leg is longer/shorter than other and that could be the problem.  Anyone ever hear of that?
pat (crazycamper)