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Author Topic: Knee still weak and having ankle surgery  (Read 706 times)

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Knee still weak and having ankle surgery
« on: March 12, 2011, 05:51:21 PM »
I had knee arthroscopy on my right knee 6 1/2 weeks ago for what they thought was a medial meniscus tear. Once in there, they discovered that my patella was being pulled almost 2 cm laterally any time my knee bent which had caused cartilage damage under my patella. My surgeon did a lateral release and cleaned up a slight medial meniscus fraying. He left the cartilage under the patella alone since my kneecap is now back on track and not rubbing in that spot anymore. I returned to work after 5 days (I teach elementary PE!) and started PT two weeks post-surgery. I have been very good about not overdoing it at work and often elevate and ice while teaching. My problem is that I am now having issues with my knee giving out and I have sharp pains in my patellar tendon and also on the medial side of my joint in addition to IT band pain. I realize that it takes time to recoup from surgery but here is the kicker...I am having surgery on my right ankle in less than 2 weeks!
My ATFL is being tightened with a Brostrom procedure to correct issues from severe ankle sprains done about 15 years ago. My surgeon believes that my ankle issues led to compensation that messed up my knee. Because my knee is now realligned, my ankle is much more painful (a result of the fibula and talus colliding?) and I am having pain along my fibula as well. I am working hard at trying to rebuild the quad muscles to support my knee, but progress has been slow. I am worried about how my knee will deal with the added wieght of an ankle cast. My PT assured me he will figure out how to continue quad rehab while I am NWB, but this is the first time he has dealt with a patient having multiple surgeries on one leg in this time frame.
Has anyone else had to have both knee and ankle surgeries on the same leg? What is the best way to continue on with knee rehab while recovering from ankle surgery? Also, is it normal to have such sharp pain in my patellar tendon after lateral release? Is it possible I need to have them re-evaluate my knee for re-injury? Please help....I cannot find any information that deals with my combination of issues!