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Author Topic: Calf pain after bone bruise?  (Read 1267 times)

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Calf pain after bone bruise?
« on: March 12, 2011, 03:16:06 PM »
So my whole ordeal started 1 month ago. I was out running with the dog (there was some residual snow on the ground) and I slipped on a small patch of ice that I did not see. My knee twisted a little but not a lot and I never heard a pop or anything. Later that day I started having pain on the whole inner part of my knee (medial) that after a few days reduced to just to the joint line on the medial side of my knee. One week after injury when I was going up the steps I started hearing grating/crunching noise in knee (from around patella). I decided to make an appointment with the GP.

Two days before going to GP I started having calf pain. I went to GP exactly two weeks after injury and that morning the medial part of my knee was not hurting but when she went to touch my calf it was really sore! She decided to have me get an MRI to rule out meniscus tear. I had the MRI and results were:
1. Mild bone contusion to the femoral condyle
2. Mild joint effusion
3. Mild chondrosis

Although it was just a bone bruise the femur the GP recommended seeing an orthopedist however by brother had a bone bruise in his knee before and the doctor just told him to rest and ice as much as possible and that it would take several months to heal so I made the decision to just wait on seeing an orthopedist.

Fast forward to currently 4 weeks after injury. I still have occasional medial knee pain (which I know is from the bone bruise) and anterior general ache (from the chondrosis) but what I don't understand is the calf pain. I work 8 hours a day and am on my feet all day long and am required to lift 100+ pounds all day long so I put a lot of strain on my knees already. By the end of the day my calf is sore and it feels like my foot is swollen. I know working all day on it is not helping but I don't have a choice at this time.

Sorry for the long rant but ideas are wanted? Is the calf pain/swelling and foot feeling like it is swollen part of the bone bruise? Is this normal and just part of dealing with the recovery or is it something more? I still have some joint swelling and all of my symptoms including a general knee ache are worse after working all day long. I am resting and iceing as much as possible at this time.....