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Author Topic: Twice Fractured Patella Advice plz  (Read 597 times)

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Twice Fractured Patella Advice plz
« on: March 12, 2011, 12:56:24 PM »
Hello needing advice please, Im new to this and not very good on pcs


Any help advice would be very grateful
Need help understanding a medical report i have had from the defendants private doctor not used to all these big medical words, The liability hasn't been admitted by the council

here goes May 08 dislocated my patella went to hostipal told it has relocated itself couple of days resting and all was fine went back to work also went aboard on a hoilday etc cameback and got a follow-up appoinment for mri scan  i was told i needed a opertion to stabilise the patella five months later in october 08 had the op, they did double breasting and used tendon from the thigh was fixed to inner aspect of the patella with a endobutton put in a brace for two weeks all was going fine told by my surgeon the the op was a sucess it went very well and told that in about two months would be able to play football do sports i enjoy went back to work all was going well after a few weeks

Then in december that year some 8.5 weeks later after the op I know this may sound dramtic but my life was to change forever that day that is not a exaggeration of the stuation, I was walking back from the shop when my foot got caugth in a pothole and i went full force to the ground landing on my knee, There was no street ligths on that side of the road it was dark and the days that followed i got to find out it was a metal pole sign that was protruding from the pavement where a sign had been ripped out by a car hitting the sign two years before, I was taken to hostipal where a xray showed i had fractured my patella i was in compete agony i had to have a emergency op, Since then it has been a nigthmare ive gone on to have five more ops over two years my patella fractured again lots of pain, upset ive lost my flat, my girlfriend and my job. I cannot walk to work the stand for 8 hours my knee just will not take it im now living a depressing life on benfits which i really hate
Ive had a op about 3 weeks ago hopefully this will sort my knee out and i can find a part-time job, I get pain in my knee i cant stand or sit for long periods, I cannot never play sports again my surgeon has told me and my knee locks and goes stiff, My surgeon has told my my knee will never be normal, I will always have pain and problems and my knee has now developed post traumatic arthritis and my knee looks like something out of a frankenstein movie

Now this private doctors is saying its all because of the dislocation in the may he says i suffer from ligament laxitys which my own GP and all the different hostipal doctor and surgeons have never pick up on but the solictors doctor seen me for 10 mins. he says had a normal knee fell on that hole it would of only got nothing more than minor soft tissue damage, He states i have spontaneous dislocations and ligament laxity because when i was young i had a broken colloar bone and a broken nose, The collar bone was broke from a football tackle and the nose was i was attacked in the street in a unproved attack. Im only 21 years old.

I didn't used to believe in compensation claims but as a result of my accident I have lost income, My Confidence and I am suffering as you from a lot of day to day pain and discomfort. I got my lawyer through a referral, not an T.V ad. Im thinking of giving up this claim now it has really upset and worried me how can i stand in court if it goes to court and face these medical ppl with all there big words, I want justice but they are saying its all my fault and i have a bone disease, I again asked my surgeon this week do i suffer from a bone disorder he says no i dont and he did say if i did suffer from ligament laxitys it would not mean thats what caused my kneecap to break

I cannot afford to see a private doctor for a new report

I sorry for the long post and for the spelling mistakes
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Re: Twice Fractured Patella Advice plz
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2011, 07:48:53 PM »
While I live in the U.S.A., and do not know about your compensation law's, I can tell you, and I am sorry to have to, that the chances of your knee getting worse are very high.

I am 65 years old, and at 23 years old in College, I broke my patella playing sports.  I had it wired, and in a cast 8 weeks.  The next season I broke it again, and again had it rewired.  Twenty years past and then a nightmare.  As I got older arthritis from the breaks and surgeries set in.  Three surgeries to deal with the pain did no good at all.  Finally in 2002, I had a total knee replacement, but there was so much damage from the arthritis that the replacement did not do its job.  The pain got worse,  three more surgeries, and then a totally unstable knee.  I have been on total disability for five years now, and in a wheelchair most of the tiime.  I am now facing a major revision and reconstruction with an allograft in April.  I will most likley never walk more than a few steps, but hopefully this revision can deal with some of the pain and get me off morphine.  What I am trying to say, is that as you get older, the problems in the knee will increase, and you will face more surgeries, a possible replacement etc.  So if I were you I would push hard now for compensation so you will be in a better position to deal with issues that may  come up in the future.
Good luck and hang in there.
By the way if you lost your girlfriend over this you are MUCH better off without her.  Someone who would leave a relationship over a helth matter is better off gone.  Thank goodness my wife is still by my side and being helpful.  Don't worry about the woman, she does not sould very nice.

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Re: Twice Fractured Patella Advice plz
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2011, 08:22:20 PM »
Thank you for taking the time to reply also thank you very much for your kind words
My knee has already now got post tramtic arthritis am in pain alot and it gets me down alot not being able to do the things lots of lads my age can, but then at less ive still got my legs it could be worse
Sorry to hear the trouble you have had with your patella did they ever say to you you have bone trouble/disorder  ?? Because like i said my own gp & doctors said i do not have a bone disorder but the medical report from a doc i meet for 10 mins said i do more than likely have a bone disorder
thank you for the positive words about my women trouble, Your words now are so right but then i thought she was the love of my life lol

Good luck to you
Take care