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Author Topic: patella fracture, non displaced, when should I begin excersising?  (Read 1207 times)

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I have searched and couldn't find too many good news stories, but remain optimistic for a quick recovery.

I fractured my patella 8 days ago playing tennis, changed direction and heard an almighty crack. Dropped to floor and expletives followed  :-X.

A&E department at local hospital confirmed next day I have a patella fracture.  A horizontal break clean across, appears to be non-displaced which is good.

Sadly was treated like a 3rd rate patient because it was sport related so self inflicted I guess :(.  They rushed me out of the way ASAP, so have a few questions if I may ( i was sweet as pie before you suggest I must have been a pain :)
OS checked me over before I was given a splint velcro brace and said because I could flex all my quads and keep leg straight, surgery was not kneeded  ;D.  I couldnt lift my leg straight, but could flex to half hold my leg when the OS lifted my ankle into the air.

He was in quite a rush, but assume this sounds right?

I feel pretty lucky because I virtually have no pain.  Albeit my leg is fixed straight in a splint brace, but I now find I can walk without crutches already and am encouraged by this.

I am 41, but pretty fit.  Play (sorry played) tennis 3-4 times a week, plus the odd gym session, so am at an advantage to recover more quickly I hope.  My right quad has wasted a little in recent months because of my tendinitis under the patella, but generally not too bad.

So my questions are if I may:

1.  Am I weight bearing too early only 8 days after the break (have straight leg in splint though) and can i switch to one crutch now instead of two?

2. I have seen the recommended exercises on this site, but am unsure how quickly I can start them.

3. What level  of ROM should I attempt at this stage?  I am unsure of how much to bend, but assume the sooner the better. I have a bit of inflammation which I am regularly icing and am flexing muscle groups that don't appear to move the patella. Not sure when I can move the patella.

4.  Be interesting to hear any good news stories on how fast someone could potentially recover and expect to begin playing again, as I am obviously getting a little stir crazy not be able to drive or play tennis.  Advice often seems to air on the side of caution and worst scenario to manage expectations, but be interesting to know of anyone who was up and fit again in a short space of time.

For example, I fell down the stairs a couple of years ago and broke two ribs.  The bottom rib on the Xray looked like a swiss army knife half open split upwards in an upturned V shape with fragmentations.  I was told by the doctor at the hospital to rest and do nothing for 8-10 weeks... as I had the opportunity of a lifetime to play tennis with John McEnroe just 3.5 weeks after the fall I was obviously determined to do all I could to be fit.  The point to my long winded story is, I did play virtually pain free just 3.5 weeks later, so the doctors predicted recovery times can be too long.

I know every patients story is different, but be great to hear someone broke their patella and played after 9 days :)

Yours ever optimistically,  Jason

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Re: patella fracture, non displaced, when should I begin excersising?
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 09:49:08 PM »
Hey Jason,
Check out  lower down the board "Bone breaks around the knee."  They can help you alot better down there. That is  where the broken patella's hang out.Hope this helps.
Take care, Goodluck with the knee.
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