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Author Topic: Advice on PCL,LCL and Fracture fibula head  (Read 1469 times)

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Advice on PCL,LCL and Fracture fibula head
« on: March 11, 2011, 10:57:37 AM »
Date of injury 2/11/10
I am a 21 year old computer science student, currently on a yearlong placement. I have unfortunately hyper extended my left knee participating in a team building event doing sumo wrestling : S in Holland. I know sounds very strange, anyways I caught my left leg in the matt and fall straight to in the my knee and I could hear pops, immediately I could not move my leg and was in enormous pain .. Was rushed to the A&E and the Hollandaise doctor was worried about rapture ligament but was not exactly sure, as there was a lot of swelling around my knee and down my leg.

The X-ray should I had an avulsion fracture in my fibula head. Next morning was rush back to the UK and attended the A&E in the UK doctors said “I should go home and wait to be seen by a specialist”.
After one week, saw a hand fracture specialist very strange NHS are, he told me to go home and rest my leg for 4 weeks. At this stage I’m absolutely frustrated anyway 4weeks down the line saw another specialist lucky a very good one, played around with my knee and he said “ I believe you have torn your PCL and LCL and I’m sorry to say this is a very big injury” sent me for a MRI to verify, MRI showed that he was absolutely accurate.  He transferred me to a knee surgeon in London Guys Hospital to see James Bliss.
Three weeks down the line I saw the consultant and he said “I need an operation 99% but before that I need to attend physiotherapy to get full motion in my knee, to eliminate stiffness after op”.  So 4weeks of physiotherapy..

Went to visit him 2weeks ago, and was very happy with my progress and had almost 100% movement in my knee. So he sent me to have an X-ray, and the result showed that my fractured never healed. He was very concern at this stage, he told me that the operation has many risks and I should try to go on the non operative approach…

Now I just believe my time was wasted and feel absolutely annoyed. I can move my knee however I really believe my leg will not heal without an operation well my ligaments. I’m a very active person regularly used to go to the gym and play a lot of sports cannot even do anything currently.

Please advice what I should do? Should I listen to the knee surgeon, has anyone suffered the same damage as me, and gone without an operation? Just info really

Thanks in advance for any opinion and answers, it’s much appreciated.