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Author Topic: Knee cyst - Is a complex total knee replacement absolutely necessary  (Read 10785 times)

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Hi, I'm new to this forum so here goes!  My mother has recently had the following diagnosis and is very worried about the prospect of going through with a complex total knee replacement. I know it is impossible to comment on any individual case without access to personal history xrays and scans, but I wondered if anyone could comment on whether there are ever possibilities, in the presence of an unusually large bone cyst, as described below, of using just a bone graft alone as means of treatment, or whether a unicompartmental knee with a bone graft could ever be a possibility in such a case.  She has some wear in the cartilage but it is not totally worn. She is 80 years of age and 6 years ago had a unicompartmental knee fitted in the other leg, for treatment of cartilage wear,  which was very successful. My mother would obviously prefer to choose  a less invasive course of action to maintain greater flexibility and reduce if possible any other complications a more complicated procedure might present.

Her diagnosis  was as follows:
Advanced tri-compartment arthritis in the medial compartment.
The MRI display shows a degenerative sub articular cyst which is secondary to osteoarthritis and occupies almost the entire medial tibial condyle.  There are no sinister features in association.  The sub articular cyst is degenerative and secondary to osteoarthritis of the knee.  Concern is that if untreated it may collapse.

The treatment that particular surgeon suggests is a bone graft into the area which the cyst currently occupies and a total knee replacement with the addition of a stemmed tibial compartment, this was explained as a rod that extends down the bone shaft and into the tibial bone of the leg. 

We are not critical of the opinion and treatment of choice of this consultant, but would just like to know if anyone else has either had or knows of alternative treatments that we could possibly investigate before committing.  I look forward to any replies, we are a  little desperate as time is running out, the operation being deemed as urgent.