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Author Topic: PFR-Knee pain-Who has had this?  (Read 138886 times)

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Re: PFR-Knee pain-Who has had this?
« Reply #630 on: February 23, 2019, 11:08:48 PM »
Hello everybody,
I started a running blog.  If you would like to follow me this is my link:

This past year, and especially since December, has been trying.  I have been on 19 different medications, 4 diets, tried Several other options (homeopathic).  Nothing worked.  I have Crohn's with horrific IBD (no more details), Barrett's esophagus with insane acid reflux (I sleep sitting up.  Now the acid is hitting my vocal cords even though I am not lying down.  I keep loosing my voice.). On top of this I have a mass in one area in my chest (not cancer... enlarged lymph nodes).  This has been acting up recently.  Not fun.
So today with everything going on internally I went out for a run.  To my surprise I got in 8 miles.  Still not feeling good, but better than before.
Take care and talk with you soon,
Mr. F