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Author Topic: 36 and having my L TKR revised next month, please help with R mri results  (Read 943 times)

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Hi there. I have had trouble since 2000 mostly on my left knee resulting in 4 surgeries so far, with another coming up next month. Ever since 2008 when I had a left TKR it has been miserable! Finally they are doing a revision because the tibial plate is not correct. That being said, and after 12 years of limping, my right knee has finally had enough. This is worker's comp, so they are refusing to pay for right knee, even though both were injured in the original accident in 2000. It has not required care until now. Here are my MRI results if anyone can help me understand them, because even though I am having surgery on my Left knee, ICA has told my surgeon he cannot talk to me about my right, and I cannot seek treatment privately until my left is healed and I am not in active care for my left. It is a mess! I believe that even if I didn't fall on both of my knees that original incident, 12 years of limping has injured the right. Anyway, here is the results.....
1. Chondromalacia patella seen as lateral pattellar facets intermediate and hyperintense signal abutting the suvchondral plate which may represent fibrocartilage. Minimal heterogeneous signal is seen remainder of articular cartilage with mild thinning at the trochlear cartilage. No acute, full thickness chondral defect noted.
2. Mild patellar tilt and lateral patellar subluxation noted, correlate with patellar tracking abnormality. Extensor mechanism and patellar retinacula appear intact.
3. Small joint effusion present. 4.2 cm popliteal cyst seen. No loose body identified.
4. No acute meniscal tear, No acute ligament injury. Additional articular cartilage, osseous marrow signal, soft tissue sports structures and visualized neurovascular structures at the knee appear maintained.

Well, that's it. Any info you could give would be great. Also any tips for PT I can do for my right knee to try to get ready for my Left knee revision? I am so afraid of the PT after surgery, as I can't walk on either now without a walker, let alone having to basically do everything on 1 bad knee. UGH

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First, from my handling of w/c policies as an employer, depending on what your state law are like, anything that is a direct result of the original injury is the w/c providers responsibility.  You need a workman's compensation attorney and hammer them quick.  Any patellafemoral specialist which is where you should be looking if you are having alignment problems, can provide proof that having one bad knee causes stress to the other knee, hip, and lower back just to name a few spots.

There are patellafemoral experts on this forum.  The moderator will most likely point you in the correct direction, but if you search on this site for patellafemoral you will find all kinds of posts from very smart people.

I am not one of those people.  I did not get multiple opinions.....allowed surgery to happen even though I did not think the diagnosis sounded correct and I am not much worse than I was prior to my first of eight (8) surgeries in the past 2 years.

With this site, it takes a little time...but when one of the very knowledgeable people that have been thru this start sending you information.  You will probably never get treatment for your right knee until you are represented by counsel and have a mediator order treatment. 

Whatever you do, make sure you get educated and seek as many opinions until you are positive you are following the correct course. 

Good luck and all of your fellow knee geeks are here to help. 

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Hi Kelly,
I can't help with the MRI but here are some suggestions for getting the right leg into better shape.  It sounds as if you may need a gentle start since your right leg isn't happy either. You may have had some of these before, if so please bear with me.

Isometric quad strengthening.  Lying with legs extended tense the quad for 5 seconds pulling knee down toward surface, release.  Good for both knees  at the same time actually.

Straight leg raises.  If it is too difficult at first, use a towel under your heel to help lift the weight of your leg.  After a few days you will be able to do them without the towel to help you get the lift started. has these and more.

 You might also want to look into Pilates.  In general, a lot of the Pilates stuff is gentler for stretching and strengthening because it was originally designed for injured dancers.

Hope it helps.  And hopefully someone will log on who can help you with your mri.

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