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Author Topic: TTT for Nov. 4.... Brace Questions...  (Read 1950 times)

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TTT for Nov. 4.... Brace Questions...
« on: October 31, 2003, 06:11:17 AM »
I'm scheduled to have a TTT on Nov. 4 and I just saw my OS today for me pre-op visit. I asked him about brace options after I stop using an immobilizer.  He told me that there would be no need for any kind of brace. I'm very worried about this for two reasons...

1. This was my post-op plan:  3 weeks total non-weight bearing, 6 weeks before I start PT, but I can do leg lifts and passive ROM as early as 4-5 days.  I'm very worried about bending it too far and causing myself unnecessary pain...

2. I have always been plagued with a knee that "gives out" at random times....Its like it just gives up occasionally.  I'm really worried this will escalate after surgery

Would a hinged brace be the way to go? Or another kind of brace? My insurance will help cover a support or hinged brace for me post op.... even if I buy it, they will reimburse me.

Any info will be helpful... and Post-Op, even if my doc says I don't need one.. I will order one.  I'll feel better just to have one for extra support!!

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Re: TTT for Nov. 4.... Brace Questions...
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2003, 07:02:49 AM »
Hey there,

I was just getting ready to post to you and wish you luck as I noticed your surgery was coming up soon. I had a TTT on September 3rd and did the imobilizer thing for about 10 days then switched to a hinged brace. I am in a brace because I have 2 years of atrophy in my quad and it's no where strong enough to support my weight.

If your OS says no brace, I'd go with that. After this surgery you knee will be much more stable and the times it gives out should be minimal if any. Wearing a brace will only contribute to muscle waste which will make your recovery longer. I understand you not having total confidence in the knee as I never want to part with mine, but I'm told I will soon. I have it unlocked to 40 right now, but I'm supposed to be unlocked to 70 but I'm too scared of it buckling on me. I still need the lateral support as well. If my OS were to find out I was still on 40 he'd kill me! lol! I'm probably hurting myself in long run, but my gait is so off now it's unreal.

I would discuss this once more with your OS and see if he will let you use a brace until you can build confidence in the repair. The hinged braces are great because you are not totally immobilized. If you really feel you need the brace your OS should be behind you on it. I do feel this corrective surgery will give you more stability though. I don't see a problem if you get it for peace of mind. Just try a few days without it and see if you can rebuild that trust.

Passive ROM shouldn't cause any pain if done correctly. Don't go all out, just bend it as far as it wants to go and don't force  I know you know all this already but I think you'll be fine.

Please post back and update us when you are feeling up to it. There are several of us here that just had this surgery and we are constantly comparing notes and offering advice. We'll be happy to help with any post op questions you have.    

Wishing you tons of luck,
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Re: TTT for Nov. 4.... Brace Questions...
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2003, 08:49:12 PM »

I had a TTT in 2002 and I never used a brace post-op. I was 3 weeks in a full leg cast non weight bearing, I asked my OS if he could give me a brace instead or a removable immobilizer, but he refused. He is against braces, thinks cast is the way to go. After the cast was removed (3 weeks post TTT) I had to ditch my crutches ASAP and I only wore a tubigrip (which gives little to no support but it's the thought that counts! ;D).
It feels rare, your leg want to give out but it doesn't, it's just that d*mn feeling. This is caused by weak quads, so get working on those quads now! Get'em in good condition! Also, a brace takes over the function of certain muscles so you won't use your muscles, the brace will.

I won't say it's easy, walking without crutches and unassisted when your cast or immobilizer is just removed, but the sooner you can walk unaided, the better. It was hard, I wanted to give up and say h*ll with it but I did hold on. I am glad I did.

I work as a nurse on ortho (with OSes who did my surgery) and they almost never give braces to patients. Only in rare cases they prescribe a brace, post-surgery patients are always in cast. Even pré- or post-ACL surgery they don't use a brace.

Talk to your OS again, but I would go for the no-brace thing. If U decide to use one, get rid of it asap.

Good luck with the upcoming surgery! Try to relax and keep us updated!

Helena ;)
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