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Author Topic: help for my dad; four TKRs and counting  (Read 649 times)

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help for my dad; four TKRs and counting
« on: February 08, 2011, 03:23:23 PM »
I've started looking for information for my dad, and would appreciate any feedback, help, leads, ideas, recommendations, links - anything.

He had a TKR in 2000 on his left knee, and is now facing a revision due to hardware issues. That's not great, but it's not really the problem...

Worse, though he had a TKR in 2001 on his right, and it was the Sulzer joint malpractice knee; the one where they used materials that repelled flesh and did incredible damage to the joint. It took a year to figure out what was going on, and why he was in such pain. He had a less invasive revision, with a cementing rather than femur drilling, of the 2nd artificial joint only to be rear-ended two months later and have the casing crack, requiring a third TKR in that same leg. He has incredible pain (does use accupuncture) and is now also being told that another surgery is inevitable. It is just physically and psychologically catastrophic.

Any help -- on alternative treatments, surgical recommendations, anything is greatly appreciated.