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Author Topic: Newbie - Fractured patella, non displaced, 1-19-2011  (Read 851 times)

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Newbie - Fractured patella, non displaced, 1-19-2011
« on: February 05, 2011, 01:13:24 AM »
Fractured patella on 1-19-11, ice skating.  Injury occurred six hours prior to 11 day marathon Disney vacation which included both land and sea.  ER provided knee immobilizer brace and said that X rays showed non displaced fracture.  Dr. Agreed to my trip.  Extreme pain and bruising since  injury.  Bruising appears to be drainage from the fracture sight.  Flight and travel was difficult to say the least.   On the upside, kids had an amazing vacation and aside from a taxi driver in Cozumel shutting the door on my leg no other trauma. 

Met with OS yesterday who indicated that patella (stellate) fracture is actually in pieces (seven plus) but as of the initial 1-19-2011 X rays pieces were closely aligned, within 1 MM.  I was not pleased with OS as didn't examine my knee or listen to my concern of being unable to perform straight leg raise since my injury.   Also, I didn't agree with OS decision against repeat x rays, and OS had a poor bedside manner.

I opted for 2nd opinion with appointment with another OS scheduled on Monday.  Just wondering if there are thoughts about the concern that I am still unable to lift my leg for the standard straight leg raise i.e. extensor mechanism disruption. OS yesterday said that this would come back over time and was not concerned about this.

I am an extremely active 37 year old with four young children.  Work full time.  I want the best possible outcome and am worried that my fracture may have become displaced since 1-19 and that my ligaments/tendons may also be involved.   Any suggestions for discussion with OS on Monday would be appreciated.  This has been a life altering injury and I am only two weeks out.