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Author Topic: professional advice on patella tendon repair needed  (Read 2168 times)

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professional advice on patella tendon repair needed
« on: February 01, 2011, 02:25:58 PM »
Hi everyone, iv been reading everyones posts since the 1st december when i had my accident, iv registered now just to ask a question that someone might be able to answer.

My story started when i recently moved into a new house with a cellar and promptly fell down the stairs, this caused me to shatter my right patella tendon below the kneecap and rip the left one off my kneecap.    Must say iv never felt pain like it and iv had my fair share of accidents including breaking my neck!

I was taken into the emergency room by the paramedics and they took 4 x-rays of my knees.    With the lady who took them she was not paying attention and just said they looked fine with no broken bones, afterwards a doctor came over and did the straight leg raise test which i failed both.

The problem really started when they said i could go home and attend a knee clinic appointment in a weeks time, gave me a set of crutches and said off you go  :(   I ended up being taken out in a wheelchair by my wife and put into the boot of our people carrier, from there into the house my family had to drag me in a sled to my door.

Once I had spoken to a chap at the knee clinic at my local hospital he immeadiately put me in for surgery 1st thing in the morningand was mumbling to another about trying to avoid a lawsuit against them for mis-diagnosing me and also letting me go out of the hospital knowing my tendons were snapped.

Anyway, long story short or il be here all day  :)   after surgery they said my tendon on the right leg had turned into "limp spaghetti" and was unusable so they took part of my hamstring and put that through my kneecap as a replacement and told me id never run again and that i will have to live with my knee in pain and stiffness for the rest of my life.

My question is, if they had not sent me home and operated earlier than 8 days after the accident, would they have been able to repair the tendon without such drastic measures?   I ask as a few people have said that the tendons when left try to reapir themselves by secreting something and if they arent connected at all turn to mush?

thanks for any replies or advice you can give me, im asking this because my solicitor believes if this is the case i would receive a substantial sum from the insurance, with me and my wife being self employed were having a really rough time of it with no income for 8-12months due to my injury  :(

thanks for your time guys and gals!

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Re: professional advice on patella tendon repair needed
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2011, 08:42:54 PM »
This isn't really the right place to come for "professional advice." If you need an expert opinion for your solicitor, then you are probably going to need to see a doctor or he will have to consult medical professionals. The people who are here are, for the most part, patients like yourself who are support each other and sharing information and experiences when we have them. There is a lot of knowledge here, but it comes from our experiences and our own research. That said, there is a thread over on the patella specialty forum where the ruptured patellar tendon folks hang out and there is a lot of good info to read there.
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