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Author Topic: impact injury  (Read 681 times)

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impact injury
« on: January 27, 2011, 01:07:26 AM »
A lifetime of soccer healthy and I get on a dirt bike. The bike(200 lbs) frame located just below the seat lands on the inside of my knee at inside of knee cap, at the top of MCL, at inside mid thigh, this happens as knee hits ground in kneeling position. Was going about 15 mph when tires went out from under me on hard pack. I noticed no sliding no twisting no popping at impact. Felt no specific pain just a great impact. Took 2 steps right away with no specific pain. Stable. Have been off it since this. I may have almost broken my fibia because I felt a great pressure 2" above my knee in middle of thigh. It has been 1 month on the sofa practiced RICE at first then compression heat and tens unit on low. Can straighten with no pain and bend within 1" of normal. After stretching I feel a sharp pain at top of MCL which is nerve pain.This area was extreamly numb with violent electrical impulses at touch. Now area is less numb and I can feel fingertips touching skin. Also have burning pain under knee cap? Its too soon to walk on it. Any suggestions uld be appreciated.I must rehab on my own.

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Re: impact injury
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2011, 10:11:28 AM »
 Have you been to your doctors or A&E?  You need to get this professionally checked out, sooner rather than later.  It doesn't sound like a complete acl tear but you never know.  My son tor his acl last September during a football match.  He has a motocross bike and is desparate to get back on it but as he is only 2 weeks post his op....I don't think so! I've shown him your post. 

Get it checked out, it might not be something too bad.
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