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Author Topic: Hi, new member  (Read 2689 times)

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Hi, new member
« on: February 06, 2011, 02:15:00 PM »
Hello, I've just joined and thouht it would be polite to intro myself before reading anything else.

My name's Ros, I'm 58 and a retired teacher. I work voluntarily from home for rabbit welfare and also travel (short distances only) to do homechecks for various animal rescues.

I live alone apart from my two rabbits who are both rescue cases and are happily bonded with each other....and treat me like a slave.

They mostly live indoors, but have garden access during the day as long as I'm at home.

I have arthritis in most joints, as did my mother and her mother too, but my knees and right shoulder are the biggest problems.  I've had injections into my right shoulder and left elbow in the past and have had an arthroscopy of my left knee, where a lot of cartilege tidying was done.  It was pretty ripped up, worse than the surgeon had expected and he told me it needed to be replaced but they don't want to do it till I'm 60.  That was 4 years ago and it's as bad again now as it ever was.

I retired from work because of a ruptured lumbar disk that had me unable to stand for more than a few mins at a time for several months, and the arthritis really set into my knees when I became less mobile because of my back.  And because of all that and the depressing nature of it all, I've gained more weight than is good for me...not that that affects my hands, elbows nor, shoulders, but it does affect my knees.

The surgeon recommended at the time of the arthroscopy that I start on Glucosamine and MSM.  I'm a strict vegetarian and so chondroitin is out for me.  I've taken them religiously but can't say they've made much difference, though stopping taking them would possibly show that they are I'm not risking it.  Of course, I also have to take painkillers and anti inflammatories and hate having to take those so keep those doses as low as I can but was having to increase them far higher than I wanted to until somebody told me about rosehip.  Since starting on that I've been able to more than half the painkillers/anti-inflammatories, so am totally sold on it and spreading the word hither and yon.

Okay enough about me.  Nice to 'meet' you all.