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Author Topic: 2 weeks past TKR staple removal issues  (Read 3055 times)

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2 weeks past TKR staple removal issues
« on: January 15, 2011, 11:58:23 PM »
Hi, I am interested in getting other's opinions on my experience. I am 15 days post TKR, and just got my 25 staples out yesterday.

My surgery itself went just fine, but I had a med reaction, or two, and didn't really keep any food down for about a week. Between that and the actual surgery I have precious little stamina. As I have read is common after this, I have the apetite of a piece of cardboard.

Because I was so weak at first, I had home health care where a nurse comes and takes blood for the blood thinner test (the doctors here put everyone on blood thinner the first 28 days) and they take your vitals. That's 2 times a week. My PT came 3-4 times a week. The exercises I was given take up to an hour, and you are supposed to do them 2 times a day. On good days I made two, but always did one complete set. Some days, no lie, I have been sleeping 20 hours total. Next week I start going out for these services.

My leg is already able to do flat, and I was up to 90-95 degrees when warmed up. Til yesterday when I had my staples out! It is the first time I have gone out since coming back from the hospital. I had to ride a half hour each way, leg down, knee sort of bent. A little uncomfortable but not too bad. The walk into the clinic with the walker, longer than it looked, it is part of a hospital complex, not a little drive up place. I think that wore me out quite a bit. Lesson learned, son picked me up at the door on the return trip. The tech took out the staples and then I waited 20 minutes leg straight no back support sitting on their high table for the Doctor's Assistant. No ice, or on the way home, wish I'd thought of it.

My max for the pain meds is every four hours. I am on alternate choice as I am allergic to what they give most people, so I don't know if it's as good or what. Started the maximum yesterday and have kept it up. I did actually sleep 7 hours in a row, which was great. Should mention I am still on Phenergan for nausea, at night, and that is fairly sedating. Not necessarily a bad thing right now, though. Am icing like crazy.

Today, I am so stiff I can't tell you. I guess there's new swelling. My bending is painful and sucks. I have been doing ankle pumps and will do one full set of exercises in a while. I don't expect to be able to pull the knee with the thera band into much of a bend today. All this to say I am so disappointed how set back I seem to be. Whether it was the walking which way surpassed anything I had done, the uncomfortable sitting or the removal, or all put together, something whooped this puppy.

Has anyone else had this happen? Do you think I've really lost all that ground or will it settle down? Thanks for reading, it does help to talk to others who have been through this process. And yes, I am part of the up all night club. If your pain wakes you up, you take your pills and wait for them to kick in. Now that I have a little more energy, I watch streaming Netflix to take my mind off it. You can pick up and put down in the middle of the movies. Such a blessing! My cats think my new lifestyle of laying around and sleeping is the best. They are the only ones! Thanks, and please share your experiences and advice with me, Elizabeth 

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Re: 2 weeks past TKR staple removal issues
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2011, 04:28:34 PM »
Good Morning, I had an oats procedure done in May 09 instead of TKR due to my age. The first few weeks will be the worst. Your range of motion will be up and down as your muscles learn what to do again. The swelling will increase as you move more, but improve over time. Have you been useing a cpm machine? I was in one for 6 weeks. I think that helped. Some insurance companies do not pay for the rental of them. I would also suggest getting away from the pain pills as soon as able. I was on tramadol (?) due to reaction to vicoden. It is a nasty pill (tramadol) bad side effects with withdrawl
  My best advice would be to follow P/T Try to do a little more each week. Stay consistant and keep going forward. The hard part is behind you. Todd

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Re: 2 weeks past TKR staple removal issues
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2011, 05:39:32 PM »
Hi Elizabeth

Every single one of us has different healing rates and pain thresholds and subsequently everyones story is different.

Might be a good idea to read through some post op threads on here - and this will show you different peoples progress and worries with other peoples opinions.

There is a link to mine in my sig below.

Keep your chin up - it's a huge op and does take time to get good !

anje x
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