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Author Topic: Rehab for an RA patient after a TKR  (Read 11253 times)

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Rehab for an RA patient after a TKR
« on: July 16, 2011, 02:04:23 PM »
I am a 47 year old woman, who's had moderate RA for 18 years.  I just had a total knee replacement 6 months ago.  I flared after 2 infections (non-surgically related) and had to be off my meds for about 3 months.  I have re-entered physical therapy abourt 3 weeks ago. 

I can't get through a PT session without taking a pain pill, leftover from surgery.  My young PT is determined to "get me back to work quickly".  Well, there is no pressing reason for me to get back to work and she is killing me!  I come home and am in bed for 2 days, in pain.  Not muscle pain (anymore), but joint pain.  My "good" knee is now starting to hurt (it has been grinding for a couple of years) and I have mild flares after the rigorous workout (stair steps, lunges, resistance bands with multiple reps of kicking, "clam shells", scooting on a wheeled stool for 5 minutes using my "bad" leg, balancing exercises when fully fatigued, and of course stretching and a warm up on a bike. 

I have quite a bit of stiffness and swelling post PT, as well.  I have shared this with my therapist, as well as the pain I'm in, but she continues with the strenuous workouts.  I'm not a "wimp" and WANT to get in shape, but not to the extreme that it puts me in bed for 2 days and I need pain pills! 

Is this normal for PT rehab for someone with RA, after a TKR?  Am I wrong to want to go at a slower pace?  Should I look for a new PT? OR...should I try harder to explain that I hurt? 

Thanks for the support!