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Author Topic: 21 yr old male, patella microfracture, 12 weeks post op still on crutches  (Read 1652 times)

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Hi, i'm 21 yrs old, male
6'1 190lbs
Basketball and sports are my life. I plan to play college basketball when i heal.

I had a patella microfracture almost 12 weeks ago. oct 21st. Basketball is my game. i hope to be stong and healthy enough to play in college. I hurt my self playing basketball this summer at the parks, happened on may 14th. I knew something was wrong when i felt sharp pains behind my kneeecap shooting out all over. it was painful but i was warmed up and playing very well that day along with some fun competition. But i continued to playing another 4 or 6 games to 11 (probably an 1hour and 1/2) before calling it quits and walking with an obvious limp. by no means was i able to jump and run regular but i was in a groove so i kept gimpin along but came away undefeated IT took my 5 months to get into surgery because of the process my insurance takes. i got in 2 days after i injured it but had to see my primary doc, a sports med doc and finally my surgeon. 1 month between each appt. not to mention my primary care ordered 6 weeks pt which did nothing cuz he thought it was a meniscus tear. so i had a grade 4 lesion to the bone dead center on the back of my knee cap 1cmx1cm. and grade 2 or 3 damaged cartilage on the side of the which he just did a lilttle cleaning up on. he drilled 3 holes in my kneecap. from what i understood he didnt have the angle to poke holes from the backside with out opening my knee, which was a possibility to perform oats if he didnt think my kneecap was healthy enough( thank god it was healthy and didnt open my up, did it arthroscopic). so he drilled through my kneecap from the top and out of the lesion on the backside so the holes went all the way through top to bottom. i was not given a cpm machine, insurance will only provide them for a total knee replacement. i lost alot of my quad and have been told im better off than most but idk about that. i started pt no later than 4 weeks post op. 3 or 4. Doing single straight leg raises. heels slides assisting with hands on slick surface.  Did that for 4 weeks (week 8 now)and started to put a little weight on my foot while doing straight leg raises( a shoe). got on a bike with no resistance and stared pedaling slowly. im at 12 weeks not trying to add weight to my straight leg raises to strenghten quad, it is slowly and let me say slowly coming back it a slow process. im pedaling faster and more consistent. i can get around on 1 crutch but im slow and it is a bit painful because im always stiff and sore. some stuff is just straight painful tho. i have to lock my leg out straight and use my quad to move my leg around, like up or off the couch. knee feels best after riding the bike until it gets stiff and sore again. stopped taking pain meds at week 8 but could still use some. lol. im experiencing some catching and grinding behind the kneecap. sometime when i do a heel slide or ride the bike  i get massive catching sometimes that that fells like its pulling the back of my kneecap and it will hurt really bad and stop my kneecap from moving and ill have to straighten back out and it will irritate the knee. overall i think im doing Okay, i think i should be better off  being 21 years old, very active person all my life and following post op care very strictly. i know what i do after the surgery determines how well it works i just dont know if im doing every possible thing to be back to 100 percent.. its hard to tell if it will or not, this is in the most crucial spot i would say when it comes to the knee function and stress it takes. i have so many emotions about the possibilities of things going south but i try to only look up, and know my knee will only improve from here.

if anyone has had patella microfracture let me know. i would love to talk with you about it and you experience. i have questions questions questions... all day

Anyone let me know what you think and if you have any advice questions or similarities let me know

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Re: 21 yr old male, patella microfracture, 12 weeks post op still on crutches
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2011, 03:53:21 PM »
How's it going?
I'm also a basketball player and I had a similar surgery about 9 weeks ago. I've been looking for evidence that basketball players can come back from microfracture surgery and so I was keen to find out just where Amare Soudemire and Jason Kidd's lesions were. Seems that they were not patella femoral, sadly.
I guess you know that the patella femoral joint causes more problems because the forces are shear forces rather than compressional and that's not so good for fibrocartiage. I've been given a pretty strict rehab regime by my surgeon; he says I should do as little as possible with it for another three months and not to worry about the vanishing quads. There's a lot more to lose by disrupting the repair and the quads will come back when you start to use them again.
You're a good way on now if you had your surgery at the beginning of the year so I'd be interested to hear how you're doing. Do you still get catching when you bend the knee? How are the quads? Have you started to play again yet?
Let me know how it's going