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Author Topic: What is the recovery period for a non-surgery fx patellar  (Read 704 times)

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What is the recovery period for a non-surgery fx patellar
« on: January 12, 2011, 05:14:54 PM »
I am a 54 yr.old female recovering from a non-surgery fx patellar( rt) I was told it was shattered ! When my Ortho. doctor removed fluid in early Nov. the fluid( 55cc) was almost black and he said I really smashed the patella.  It's been a really long haul to recover since I was in a locked brace from  Oct. 25 until Jan. 3.,  PT. started Dec.2  I've loss muscle mass in my injured leg, I'm working hard to regain.  My big question is should i still have discomfort in bending,lifting and walking. I don't know what normal is anymore I would like to speak to someone with the same injury. My PT. facility is wonderful and they would like me to contact my doctor to let him know, however I don't want to be a baby about it but since I've been out of work since the injury and due to go back Monday, I'm afraid he will put a stop to that. Please any advice would be helpful..

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Re: What is the recovery period for a non-surgery fx patellar
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2011, 07:19:58 PM »
deemike - check the section labeled The Specialists office ---> bone breaks around the knee - that's where the folks with patellar fractures usually hang out.
Sending healing rays your way
8/4/07 fell
8/5 diagnosed TPF
8/6 surgery plate and 6 screws
8/12 out of hospital NWM
8/21 staples removed
9/18 OS appt - WBAT with crutches
10/10 - WBAT with cane
10/27 - back to work w/cane
12/26 - no cane, slight limp when tired
1/25/08 - released from PT, no limp
2/3/09 - Released by OS

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Re: What is the recovery period for a non-surgery fx patellar
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2011, 08:29:45 PM »
Hi,Yes Mary is quite right,I usually go on there,i fractured my patella into 3 pieces, and it did require surgery,that was almost 10 months ago.
Things are a lot better now,apart from one or two HW problems,but it is a terrible injury, and the road to recovery is long and hard.
After being immobilised for so long the muscle is lost, as is the leg strength etc,the main aim is to recover from this, and believe me it is not easy,you will experience some degree of pain and stiffness for some-time, but it does get better, do as your OS and PT tells you,and you won't go far wrong.
Also remember,no two injuries are the same, and we all heal differently,and it doesn't seem to matter how old you are,i am doing fine at 10 months post-op, whereas some people are still struggling with their recoveries longer than this, and they are 20 years younger than i am.
So hang on in there,do all the exercises you are given,work hard, but don't overdo it,and you will definitely get there,i wish you the very best with your recovery,and you will get lots of good advice and support on this site.
   Good Luck.
23/03/10 displaced patella fracture 3 pieces right leg
26/3/10 had op,2 pins & figure of 8 wiring
full cast ankle to thigh 7 weeks.
18/5/10 cast removed xray showing hairline crack
26/7/10 walking unaided,full rom
31/10/2010.6 months post-op check,bone not healed,harware cant be removed