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Author Topic: Hi i want to join the british army but have a problem and need help and advice .  (Read 1319 times)

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Hi im 18 years old. And a few years ago i got kicked in my right knee.I went to the hospital but they said there was nothing wrong after an MRI scan.5 years on which is now the clicking noise is getting worse and my left knee is starting to hurt aswell and when i cup my hand on my right knee and move it back and forth there is a crunching noise .I also get pain sometimes. i get pain in both knees when i do squats etc. I spoke to my physio and they are booking me in for another MRI scan.The pain on my knees is to the side.I also want to join the british army infantry soon . If i have surgery will i still be able to join ? If this crunching noise in my knee is osteoarthritis will i still be able to sign up ? As i really want to sign up its all i want to do .
All help is appreciated as i have not been able to get a decent answer from anyone
Shaun Artis
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it sounds like patella femoral syndrome and the crunching noise comes from the fact you have rough cartliage.  Squatts probably arne't such a great idea atthe moment because of the strain they put on the kneecap.  Cartliage wear can be picked up on mri but it isn't 100%, it can be very vague infact  I would suggest asking the pt if your knees are tracking and see what they suggest.

if the knee is tracking OK and still making the noises it is the result of the rough artliage and the only way you can get rid of it is by having a scope and getting it smoothed off.  A smooth surface will not wear away as quick as a rough one so it will buy you a few more eyars before arthritis sets in.

I hope all goes well and you pass the physical and are able to get it resolved because all those runs and marches will be very hard on the knees.

Best of luck
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