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Author Topic: "OIL OF EMU"  (Read 5001 times)

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« on: January 03, 2011, 03:49:21 AM »
G,day to everone, ive repeted this elseware an I thought instead of repeating it as the benifits of this rub is amasing truely: "Oil of Emu" has bin used by ABORIGINEES  for Thousands of years for its "Anti Imflammtory & Rejuvenating powers" uses are also,   Arthritis,  reumitism,  eczema, psoriasis, muscle ahces & Pains, pms ,burns, blisters, cuts, bruises , sunburn & nappy rash safe to use on a babies butt ! The main reason I posted this is the size of swelling in my knee 4 months post-op + pain from my 20 x fractures a shattered patella inluding my femur coming out the side of my knee, was obviously a fair bit of damage as I was given 6 weeks risk of it being removed! Christmas my family all came to my home,Donna(sister) has bad disks in her neck she said nothing works they tried everything, 15 minutes after Emu Spirit Rub she was amased as it helped her heaps ! Catherin ( her daughter)  could not put her arms near her side due to a severe skin condition poor lass had fair size rashes under her armpits, my (Nadene nurse wife) said the best thing which we didnt have to calm her pain was soothe, she was sat inside while others were swimming in our pool ( 109 f ) I went up to catherin and got her to apply my emu cream, 15 minutes latter she had a smile an said thankyou, ( Julie sisters son) Josh has a rash up his shins they just cant get rid of 15 minutes latter julie said im buying it boxing day bean where do I get it ! the OZ site is freecall 180066 22 12 on my thread in the broken bones below the knee; fractured femur 20 x + patella snowy has found a site in Canada or the USA please if U want a holiday from pain and swelling do not doubt this gear its fantastic ! from Stephen.
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