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Author Topic: knee pain/swelling  (Read 664 times)

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knee pain/swelling
« on: December 28, 2010, 05:49:04 AM »
I am a 39 y/o mother of 2 teenage daughters. 14 years ago i was at work & missed a couple steps on the ladder as i was coming down & all my weight ended up coming down onto my left leg crushing my kneecap & bringing me flat onto a concrete floor. Drs opted to do surgery with a plate & 6 screws. Had rehabiltation physical therapy & was sent on my merry way. 14 years later i am having lots of pain & swelling which promted me to go to the dr & an xray revealed that all of the cartilage is now gone & i have a gap in between the knee socket where it bends on the right side which has caused the inflammation & pain & the beginnings of a bone spur at the back of the knee. Was told to lose weight & that in 20 yrs i would need a total knee replacement & to go to my primary physician & ask for anti inflammatories which i did & was put on 15 mg of meloxicam daily. I am still in considerable pain with alot of swelling to the extent that at times it is really hard to bend the knee. I called my Dr & was told there was nothing more that they could do for me besides sending me to physical therapy which isnt an option for me since they would want to see me 3 days a week & i have a $25 copay which would work out to be $75/week & not in my budget at this time so i am coming here to see if anyone can offer me any suggestions or advice on which way to turn next? I know i need to lose weight but i am at my wits end as to how this is suppossed to happen with all the pain & swelling that is going on with my knee. Any help would be appreciated. ???

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Re: knee pain/swelling
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2010, 11:35:52 PM »
I'm so sorry you in pain and feeling stuck. I totally know what you mean! Spending the next 20 years in this kind of pain so you can get a knee replacement isn't acceptable. You probably need to get a second opinion and maybe a third and fourth! I'm on my 5th OS at the moment, my 3rd this year. Not that I'm doctor shopping, but that I'm looking for a doctor who will try to help and not tell me to come back in 20 years when I'm "old enough" for a new knee. I have kids and am 41 and need to live my life now, not in 20 years when they're grown up and gone. (sorry...didn't mean to rant) Yes, losing weight is good, but hard to do when you can't even stand and walk reliably. Taking anti-inflamatories is a great idea. Ice and elevate your knee whenever you can. That has actually been the most helpful thing for me so far. Ice is your friend! Also, check with your insurance to be sure that there would be a co-pay for every PT visit. On any plan I've been on, PT has been billed differently. And if it is a copay every time, you might want to consider going for a good eval visit and then one or two more, letting them know that you can't afford to come long-term but need them to evaluate your knee and give you some ideas of what you can do at home. There might also be some sort of bracing or taping that would help you, so be sure to ask about that.

So ice, elevate, take your meds, and look for a new doctor! Oh, and keep coming here. These folks are great for support and info!
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